Vacuum oil VM-4 from Own Production

Vacuum oil for mechanical pumps



Product description:

       Vacuum oil for mechanical pumps  VM-4 is a narrow fraction of mineral oil after additional purification and one-stage rectification.


       The oil is used as a working fluid in high-vacuum steam-jet pumps and mechanical vacuum pumps with an oil seal.


- low vapor pressure;
- low volatility and high stability against oxidation;
- good anti-foam properties, which contribute to the separation of gases from oil to ensure efficient operation of the pump;
- high demulsifying properties that promote water separation and prevent the formation of emulsions;
- extended oil change time.

Main indicators:

Density at 20°С, kg/m3


Flash point, °С


Kinematic viscosity at 50°С, mm2/s


Mass fraction of water, %


Content of mechanical impurities, %



Polymer and metal cans

5 dm3

20 dm3

30 dm3

Metal barrels

200 dm3




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