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Vacuum fluid DPO-704 from Own Production

Vacuum fluid "BORA B" DPO-704


Product description:

      Vacuum fluid  DPO-704 is a single-component fluid which is made on the basis of polymethylphenylsiloxane. The given vacuum liquid works perfectly even in ultrahigh vacuum pumps which are applied in the course of manufacture of electronics, other high-precision equipment and also in metallurgy. The distinguishing feature of this fluid is its long service life and resistance to decomposition. The material does not contaminate the internal surfaces of the pumps and works even under radiation conditions due to its high chemical stability. The product is characterized by excellent thermal stability, low fluid loss, extended service life, resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis. The vapor pressure of the vacuum fluid DPO-704 is so low that the equipment does not need additional installation or cooling of traps to obtain the required vacuum parameters.


     Vacuum fluid is used as a working fluid in vacuum diffusion pumps, steam-oil pumps, mechanical pumps which are used in the process of electronics production, various high-precision equipment as well as in metallurgy.


- low vapor pressure;
- high thermal and chemical stability;
- low fluid losses;
- long service life;
- resistance to hydrolysis and oxidation.

Main indicators:

Density at 20°C, kg/m3


Flash point, °C


Kinematic viscosity at 25°C, mm2/s


Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s



Metal  cans

1 dm3

5 dm3

20 dm3










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