Atlanta from Own Production

                       Grease “Bora B” Atlanta


Product description:

      Grease Atlanta is a synthetic base oil thickened with a complex thickener containing acomplex of multifunctional and metal cladding additives.


       Grease Atlanta is applicable in sliding friction units and screw mechanisms that use these types of lubricants. It is efficient at ambient temperature from - 60°С to + 150°С.


 - frost resistance;
 - high extreme pressure characteristics;
 - water resistance;
 - contains soft metal powders.

Main indicators:

Viscosity at an average strain rate gradient of 10 s-1 at a temperature of -50°C, Pa ∙ s, not more than


Strength at 50°С, Pa


Drop point, °С


Mass fraction of water, %



Metal cans

0,85 kg

Metal  buckets

17 kg









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