MP-609 from Own Production

                             Special Purpose Oil

                               “Bora B” MP-609


Product description:

       A complex of additives is used in a special purpose oil MP-609 that improves its operational properties.


      The special purpose oil MP - 609 is used for ball bearings of micro-electro-machines and other devices operating in the temperature range from - 70°C to + 100°C as well as in the bearings of devices with low starting torque at low temperature.


- good performance at low temperatures;
- oil performance over a wide temperature range;
- low tendency to foaming.

Main indicators:


Density at 20°С, kg/m3, within


Flash point, °С, not lower


Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/sec, not less than


Pour point, °C


Mass fraction of water, %



Metal cans

1 dm3





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