INSp-40 from Own Production

                                     Special oil

                                “Bora B” INSp-40


Product description:

      Special oil “Bora B” INSp-40 is a mixture of distillate or distillate and residual components of the selective purification of oils with a complex of additives.


       Special oil “Bora B” INSp-40 is used to lubricate light- and medium-loaded horizontal sliding and rolling guides of metal-cutting machines; gears, screw-nut for machine tools of especially high precision with program control; heavy metalworking and other machines where uniformity of slow movements is required, accuracy and sensitivity of movements of tables, calipers, sliders, headstands, racks and other units, and also where it is necessary to reduce the level of friction coefficients in static and kinetic conditions.


- provides high smoothness of movement of supports, tables, sliders and other nodes;
- low foaming;
- high anti-wear properties;
- high antioxidant properties.

Main indicators:

Density at 20°С, kg/m3


Flash point, °С


Kinematic viscosity at 50°С, mm2/s


Pour point, °C


Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of oil


Mass fraction of water, %




Metal cans and polymer cans

5 dm3

20 dm3

Metal barrels

200 dm3






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