Grease CIATIM-203

                                                            GOST 8773-73

Product description:

     Grease CIATIM-203 is a soft ointment of dark brown or green-brown color. The composition of the grease includes sulphurous fats and an extreme pressure additive, in connection with which it is recommended for loaded friction units. Chemically stable during storage, although sometimes a slight release of oil from it is observed.
       Grease performance is about 300 flight


       The grease is recommended to be used at temperatures up to - 45°C, and in powerful mechanisms it can also be used at lower temperatures. Grease CIATIM-203 is designed for gears, sliding bearings and rolling bearings. The maximum contact stresses at which it is recommended to use grease in gears and rolling bearings reaches 2500 MPa.
       The grease is used for aircraft mechanisms in various power drives, loaded gearboxes, screw balls. Also, grease is used for ground mechanisms.


Characteristics of the grease:


Homogeneous dark brown or green-brown ointment

Drop point, °С


Strength limit, Pa, at 50°C


Effective viscosity, Pa · s (P):

- at 50°C, and an average strain rate gradient of 1000 s-1, not less than

- at - 30°С and average strain rate gradient 10s-1, not more than




Penetration at 25°C


Thermal hardening at 120°С for 1 h, %


Mechanical stability

The initial tensile strength at break at 20°C, Pa

Index of destruction, %

Recovery Index, %





Evaporation in 1 h, %, at temperatures:






Colloidal stability, %


Oxidation at 120°С for 10 hours, mg KOH/g of grease


Washability at 40°С for 6 hours, %


Extreme pressure properties, load, N






Application temperature range, °С

From -50 to +90

Warranty period of storage is 5 years from the date of manufacture.


The can is 0,7 kg.



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