Grease CIATIM-201

                                                           GOST 6267-74

Product description:

      The grease is a soft ointment of yellow or light brown color. This Li-grease is the main frost-resistant grease. Grease CIATIM-201 is practically insoluble in water. Conservation properties of CIATIM-201 grease are low. Its chemical stability is quite satisfactory, due to the presence of an antioxidant.
       The grease is functional for a long time only at temperatures no higher than 80–90°С. In many mechanisms, it remains operable up to – 60°С.


       It is widely used in friction units of aircraft and helicopters.
      Grease CIATIM-201 is used in units of all types (rolling and sliding bearings, joints, friction surfaces). Greases are used for a variety of ground-based mechanisms when it is necessary to provide minimal resistance at low temperatures. Also, grease CIATIM-201 is used in radio equipment, in electromechanical and other devices and precise mechanisms.


Characteristics of the grease:


Homogeneous ointment without lumps from light yellow to light brown.

Drop point, °С

≥175 (175-190)

Strength at 50°С, Pa


Viscosity at -50°С and average strain rate gradient 10  s-1, Pa · s, not more than


Penetration at 25°C

Not rationed. Definition required.

Evaporation at 120°C for 1 h, %


Colloidal stability, %


Oxidation at 120°С for 10 hours, mg KOH/g of grease


Washability at 40°С for 6 hours, %


Extreme pressure properties, load, N






Application temperature range, °С

From -60 to +90

Warranty period of storage is 5 years from the date of manufacture.


The can is 0,7 kg.





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